No one knows more about video marketing than Greg Jarboe

No one knows more about video marketing than Greg Jarboe. Over the last few years the field has exploded, and if you aren’t using video to marketing you product of services, then you are doing something wrong.

It used to be all You Tube, but over the years many other platforms to advertise video have come up. There is Facebook Video, Instagram Video, Vine, and even Snapchat. As Greg Jarboe mentioned on Cranberry Radio, a great of example of using video for marketing is Dennis Yu using video with the Golden State Warriors.

A lot of what we know works with video marketing came from entrepreneurs going out and trying many different things. Many people have become famous from producing content on You Tube. An example Greg mentioned was the “Slo Mo Guys”. They make videos of themselves doing things in slow motion. One of their videos was them shooting things that would stain onto their clothes, and then cleaning it with tide laundry detergent. By the end of the video, you have watched an 8 minute ad for Tide, but you enjoyed it because of how engaging the content was. As we have all heard, “The best ads, don’t look like ads.”


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