MeMedia’s Best Content Marketing Strategies Featuring Dennis Yu and Jeremy Cabral

MeMedia has come up with a great content marketing strategy with the help of two very informative people in the industry, Dennis Yu and Jeremy Cabral. The best part is, it’s only three steps!

1. Jeremy says you should 10x your content. Make your content 10 times better than anyone else. How exactly do you do that though? Think about how you can go above and beyond what everyone else is doing. Some great examples are taking a blog post or study, which most people do, and creating an info graphic or video. Video is probably the most important marketing tool out there right now, as video marketing expert Greg Jarboe knows.

2. When creating your content, think about how you can make it a resource to your audience. This will keep your audience coming back to your site to use your tool, and will result in them referring others to your site. Some examples of this are creating tools, info graphics, software, or calculators that your audience can use.

3. Dennis Yu says your content should stroke somebody’s ego. Mention them, tag them, or target them on social media. This will get you in their inbox and put you on their radar. By doing this you are helping build their personal brand, which will obviously make them happy. Who knows what they may be able to do for you in the future!

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With these steps, your content should be able to expand the number of people who see your content, and drive traffic to your site.



Greg Jarboe – @gregjarboe

Dennis Yu – @dennisyu

Jeremy Carbal – @jeremycabral

Chris Hogan from MeMedia- @ME_MEDIA

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