The 3 Things Josh Steimle Says You Can Do For Exposure

Josh Steimle is a knowledgeable person in content marketing, and I think that shows considering he has written over 200 articles for Mashable, TechCrunch, Forbes, and Time. It was great getting to meet him at the Content Marketing Conference in Las Vegas. Recently, he mentioned some strategies he used to get a total of 184,000 views on his content. I decided to try these for myself to see how useful they really are.

First, let me introduce you to the 3 tools:

1- The first is LinkedIn Pulse. With this tool, any of us can create a post, or simply copy and paste a blog post we already have into LinkedIn. Josh posted the same article on Forbes and LinkedIn Pulse, and he ended up with 2,000 views on Forbes and 14,000 on LinkedIn!

2- Next we have BuzzFeed Community. You can create a post here or just copy and paste a post over from your blog. This is a great place to create a post and then put a little bit of advertising towards it on Facebook. Even though it is from BuzzFeed Community, people are going to see the link and think it is from BuzzFeed. Josh did this and was able to get 110,000 views on an article.

3- Last is a website called SlideShare. Here, you can create and post slide shows. The best way to use this tool is to take a blog post and make it into a slide show with authentic, valuable, and useful content.

The first thing I did was I found a blog post that I wanted to use to test these 3 tools. Then I went about copy and pasting them over to BuzzFeed Community and LinkedIn Pulse, and creating a SlideShare with them. I posted my SlideShare to my LinkedIn profile, next to where my LinkdIn Pulse post already was. So how did I do?

Analytics LinkedIn Dashbird Slide Share

Total, I got an extra 27 views. I received 6 from LinkedIn Pulse, 3 from BuzzFeed Community, and 18 from SlideShare. These numbers may not seem like a lot, but let’s consider some things. I am averaging a total of zero views per post because I just started posting to this blog, nobody knows who I am (yet), and BuzzFeed is probably a terrible audience for this post, but I threw it up on there anyways.

I have to say I am surprised at how well SlideShare worked, as I thought that would do the worse and LinkedIn Pulse would do the best. BuzzFeed Community did about as bad as I thought it would, but I am sure would do better if I had written towards their audience.

That’s an extra 27 views on my content that I would have never seen otherwise, and it sounds pretty good to me considering the position I am in. As I get my name out there, I am sure that will only amplify what I post and the exposure I get. I am going to call Josh’s strategy a success, and I can not wait to continue using these tools as I get more of a following on my content.

Check out Josh’s Twitter – @joshsteimle

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