How eBay Destroyed My Online Business and How They Dealt With Their Mistake

As an 18 year old entrepreneur, I grew my business solely on eBay, generating 1,742 sales and $23,820.09 revenue. But last year eBay decided to ban my account for life for a minor mistake.


I will admit I do have some fault here. I hadn’t sold anything in a few months and I decided to list some stuff, after it sold I realized that the “global shipping” option was turned on by default. I would’ve lost a lot of money here on shipping costs, so I explained it to the buyers and asked if they would take a refund or if they could pay a little more for shipping. All of them were very nice about it and had me refund their money or paid for shipping. Not one of them left a negative feedback for me and both parties were happy.


Ebay then decided, because I canceled too many purchases in a row (it was less than 10), that I deserved a lifetime ban. If I had been selling regularly, then it would’ve evened out for the quarter with purchases that weren’t canceled. But since that was all I sold, their broken algorithm kicked me off the site forever. I had 1,106 good feedback, 3 neutral, and 2 bad over my 1,742 transactions.


It is unfortunate that eBay would do this too any seller that makes a few minor mistakes and refuses to reconsider. Just like that, someone with nearly 100% positive lifetime feedback is thrown into the same category as the bad sellers, scammers, and thieves.


Imagine if this has happened to 100,000 sellers just like me (which isn’t unreasonable, just Google it). With their ~10% in fees, they are losing $230,000,000 in revenue.

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Then consider people who sell on eBay for a living, they all of the sudden have their main source of income stop. Who is winning here? Not eBay, not the sellers, and not the shareholders. I don’t think it would be too difficult to have someone review banned accounts to make sure other sellers don’t get sucked into their broken algorithm.


Jake Campoli


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