Getting Your eBay Account Unbanned Isn’t Impossible

A little more than a year ago my eBay account was banned for something very minor that wasn’t even 100% my fault. You can read more about that by clicking here. I tried everything I could to attempt to get my account back. First, I researched as much as I could to see if anyone else was able to do what I was trying. I couldn’t find a single person that successfully got reinstated, even though eBay was in the wrong on a lot of these cases. The closest thing to a solution is this guy who sells a guide on how to open a new account without eBay knowing.


Looks like a scam to me, and what about the reputation you built up on your existing account?

I tried calling and emailing eBay probably once or twice a month to see if they would change their mind, of course they never did. Last, I tried using the connections I had to get it back. My uncle’s neighbor used to work closely with Paypal and I had a 2nd degree connection to someone who worked at the HQ. I got in contact with both of them and at the end, I wasn’t any closer to having my account back than I was before.

Getting your account back after eBay drops the hammer on you seems impossible. I decided I would try one more time using a method my mentor Dennis Yu taught me. It is called the Facebook Dollar a Day method, and it can be used in a variety of ways if you are creative with it.

Before I tried this out, I had to write an article about how eBay screwed me over and why they were wrong. I then posted it to my Facebook fan page, because that is the only way you an advertise posts, and boosted it for $1 a day. Then I boosted it to an audience of eBay employees.




















I had it up from September 15th to October 9th. On October 9th I missed a phone call from eBay and immediately knew what it was for. I paused the ad and waited until they called me again later in the day. They told me they were making “new changes” for sellers and offering some sellers their accounts back. Then she told me how it had been over a year since I was banned and that she couldn’t exactly see what I was banned for, but they wanted to give me access to my account back. I’m going to say that was false and they read the article considering they also sent me an email to the address at the bottom of the article I wrote, which isn’t affiliated with my eBay account.

All it took was $24.85 to get my account back, with 517 of their employees seeing my ad and 122 of them clicking it to read the article.


I’ve done hours of research online trying to find out how to get my eBay account unbanned and reading about others trying to attempt the same thing. As far as I know, I am the only person who has successfully gotten eBay to reverse their decision. This is a process that is easy to replicate and I know could be used again to get more eBay accounts back.



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