April 14, 2020

Digital Plumbing Package

What is digital plumbing?


This is what allows you to track users who have interacted with your page. Whether they visited a specific page, pressed a button on your site, signed up for your newsletter, or bought something on your site. Tracking all of that allows you to see where your traffic is coming from, what they are doing, and most importantly allows you to remarket to them! This allows you to run warm traffic through your funnel. 


Who is this for?


This package is for small service businesses with 1 location that are currently driving some traffic to their site.


What I will do for you!


  • Set up Google Analytics with GTM.
  • Create your Website Custom Audience on Facebook.
  • Set up Facebook Pixels & Standards Events with GTM.
  • Set up Google Remarketing Pixel using GTM.
  • Set up AdWords Conversion Tracking with GTM.
  • Publish your GTM container and tags to your website.
  • Verify everything is set up correctly.
    For $199 I will set up all the above for you!